Our Year

While each month is likely to be filled with not enough rain, too many weeds, dogs digging up seedlings, birds plucking ripe berries, daunting home projects, and too much rain – it’s always calming to sit at the computer to collect our thoughts and compartmentalize them into 12″organized” months.



Itching to Get Going. . . Happy New Year, all! I’ve officially reached the passive-aggressive stage in my relationship with Old Man Winter. I bought a cute umbrella for spring rain showers and I’ve donned my Keds more than once in ten-degree snowy weather. If I can’t have 60 and sunny, I sure as heck can … Continue reading January


This Takes Time. . . The month of February is usually filled with maple syrup prep and getting seeds ready for planting. This February was no different, although our weather has thrown our maple syrup production for a loop (warm nights and warm days is not what we were hoping for). I’ve personally been thrown … Continue reading February

March + April

Food in the Dirt I’m days away from baby number two’s due date and, after  feeling less than confident in my abilities to do much other than the essential house tasks after getting home from work each day, I’ve gained a sudden burst of energy and managed to get some food in the dirt. Our … Continue reading March + April


We’re officially half way through the month of May and the garden is starting to look like a garden. The weeds are still in ample supply, but our rows of rhubarb, garlic, onions, radishes, lettuce and spinach are looking good. I love peeking out the window from my upstairs bedroom at the neat rows of … Continue reading May


Is it July yet? Do you ever have those moments when you think you may hide out in a closet for a few days so you can get your shit together and stop the panic-attack feeling you get because life seems to have thrown you a curve ball at warp speed? That’s been my month … Continue reading June