Seed Bombs

So this isn’t exactly food, BUT if you swapped out wildflower seeds for veggies, herbs, or strawberry seeds, if can easily become food.

We tried our hands at making seed bombs to recognize the first day of Spring this year. My daughter helped me roll up balls of terra cotta clay, compost, and seeds to bag up for her class. We even made a few extra for me to take to work for coworkers. This project took roughly 20 minutes and is a great way to celebrate (and help others celebrate) Earth Day on April 22nd!

IMG_2964I purchased clay from a local craft store and a box of wildflower seeds from the dollar store. You can likely find compost at the dollar store, too, but I had some on hand that I bought at a local home improvement store.


1 Cup Terra Cotta Clay
1/4 Cup Compost
1/4 Cup Wildflower Seeds
3 Tbs Water

1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and work with hands until incorporated. Add more water or compost (a tablespoon at a time) as needed to make the mixture like stiff play dough.

2. Pinch off pieces of your mixture and roll them into half-inch or one-inch balls. I poured some extra seeds onto a plate and rolled my seed bomb balls in them before placing them on a cookie sheet to dry.

3. Allow seed bombs to dry for 24 hours before packaging up. Encourage friends to toss seed bombs in abandoned flower pots, along the roadside, or any other location that could use some color as the weather warms up.



This recipe made around 30 one-inch seed bombs. You can also mix up the type of seeds you use to taylor your bombs to your geographical location or what you’d like to grow.



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