Honeyed Lemon Skyr

It’s Meyer Lemon Season!

These juicy yellow gems are so delicious. Native to China, they combine the attributes of a lemon and orange to create a lemon that’s sweeter than the typical ones you find. I love the refreshing taste of lemon when it’s added to ice cream, cakes, salads, etc., so I thought I would whip up a zippy breakfast that included the season’s tart treat.


Skyr is an Icelandic food much like yogurt, but its flavor is a bit more mild (check out Siggis brand at your local grocer). It has the consistency of greek yogurt which makes this recipe a decadent one without a helping of I-just-ate-dessert-for-breakfast guilt.

Serves 1

1/2 Cup Vanilla Skyr
1/2 Meyer Lemon, Rind Removed and Cut Into 8-10 Pieces
1 Tbsp Raw Honey


1. In a small bowl combine lemon and honey. Stir until incorporated.

2. Top yogurt with honey-lemon mixture.

3. Swirl all ingredients together and enjoy!

My entire family likes this simple treat. I do it in the morning for breakfast or even in the evening as dessert. Add a few crushed raspberries or candied pecans for a little variety.




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