Simple Chicken Stock

I try, whenever possible, to only purchase animal food products (meat, dairy, eggs) if they’re free-range, grass-fed, and/or organic. As a family that lives on a tight budget, organic food can run up a grocery bill in a hurry if meal planning and a shopping list aren’t done prior to heading to the store. When I spend nearly nine dollars on a whole chicken, you can bet I’m using every bit of it to feed my family and this is how I make my stock before discarding the carcass. This stock cooks itself while I sleep. When I get up in the morning I let it cool down for a bit and then store it before heading out the door for work.


Enjoy roasted chicken one night, and use the bird’s bones to make homemade stock for future use!

Makes 64 oz
8 Cups Water
1 Whole Chicken Carcass (Bones) Cleaned of Meat

1. Pour water into a slow cooker.
2. Add chicken carcass to slow cooker.
3. Set on LOW for 10-12 hours.
4. Pour stock through colander into a container to catch small bones, etc. before using or storing.

I’m always tickled with how golden and rich this stock looks after 12 hours. You can also add food scraps (carrots, onions, celery, etc.) to your slow cooker for added flavor, but most of the time I just keep it simple. Sometimes I’ll make soup with my stock the night after I roast a chicken and other times I’ll divvy the stock into two large canning jars and pop them in the freezer for use later (be sure to leave a couple of inches of head space in your jars before freezing so they don’t burst when frozen). Take a peek at my recipe for an easy chicken soup to whip up during busy week nights that’s also great reheated for lunch the next day.

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