Living Simply

Nowadays we try to live off of one income which often requires us to get creative with what we have. Here are a few ways we still enjoy the finer things in life without blowing our budget each month.

The Budget

Planning is hugely important for anyone living on a tight budget. We’ve recently decided to try to live off of one of our incomes to put some money away before baby number two arrives in April, and while we’ve always been wise spenders, living off of one income is something we’ve not had to do … Continue reading The Budget

Portable “Me” Space

I’m a firm believer that everyone should have their own space to escape to when they need a moment to themselves. I even think kids should have their own quiet space to retreat to when the world is overwhelming (even if it’s as simple as hiding out under a blanket-covered table). For adults, it can be … Continue reading Portable “Me” Space

The Laundry

Ugh – the cost of laundry detergent. I’ve experimented with making my own laundry soap in the past from recipes I’ve found online, but I haven’t been thrilled with the results. The liquid kind I tried turned into a brick of soap gel. I didn’t like the way powdered recipes gunked up my machine and seemed … Continue reading The Laundry

Use What You’ve Got

Living simply often means putting aside desires to purchase a bunch of stuff you don’t need. I remember growing up, my mother would always ask me and my little brother if we needed to be reminded of the differences between Wants and Needs. We were fortunate than my parents provided everything we needed and then … Continue reading Use What You’ve Got

The Shave

For the longest time I loathed walking down the personal care aisle at the grocery store to grab a pack of razors. I have sensitive skin so purchasing a two dollar pack of Bics is never an option for me (especially when it’s bikini season). For the longest time I was spending around $16 for four … Continue reading The Shave