The Shave

For the longest time I loathed walking down the personal care aisle at the grocery store to grab a pack of razors. I have sensitive skin so purchasing a two dollar pack of Bics is never an option for me (especially when it’s bikini season). For the longest time I was spending around $16 for four razors every month-and-a-half, cursing the greedy razor manufacturers for charging so much money for a refill that only lasted a few weeks at best.  I was sharing my frustration with a friend one day when she urged me to give Dollar Shave Club a try.

I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to those too-good-to-be-true offers. Like when teenage me thought twelves CDs for one dollar was a totally awesome find only to discover that shipping on said twelve CD’s was an upwards of $100. But I figured my friend wouldn’t guide me off course so I threw caution to the wind and signed up for the DSC F (and even ordered an extra blade handle for hubby).


I went into this venture thinking I would be disappointed. I signed up to receive four blade refills every two months (you can receive them monthly, too) at a cost of six dollars that would automatically hit my credit card before shipping. After a week of getting used to the new (and totally heavy duty) razor handle I was a Dollar Shave Club diva. The blades give me a smooth shave without irritating my skin, and I can pause and restart my subscription if unused blades start piling up in my bathroom drawer (and they currently are).

What’s better is that I’ve found a technique to keep those six dollar blade refills from dulling too soon (I’m talking last-you-two-or-three-months or more!). Here’s how:

When you’re done with your shave,  dry your razor on your towel and allow it to air dry for a couple of hours. When not in use, stick your dry razor blade-down in a jar or cup with a few packets of silica (your can find these packets in boxes with your new shoes, purses, etc.) at stick it somewhere other than your shower. The silica packets will absorb any moisture that makes its way to the jar, keeping the metal and moisture strip on your razor blades from getting dull or rusty. Silica packets are also great for keeping tools, silverware, your makeup case, guns, and anything else you don’t want exposed to moisture, dry.

I can, literally, go months without having to pitch my razor blade. I have 10 refills in my bathroom cupboard as I type and the one I’m currently using has been in use for two months with no end in sight. I love saving money on items I hate having to buy (like razors) and since I will never be the go-au natural type, saving roughly $70-$80 per year makes the expense easier to swallow.

Keep it smooth, y’all!

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