Seed Start Chart

Spring will be upon us soon (hallelujah), and my mind has started to buzz with planting plans. I have found that it helps immensely when March rolls around to know what I’m going to plant and where it will be planted. We have a great chunk of space in the backyard for growing fruit, veggies and flowers, but I’ve decided that this year I’m only planting things that are edible. For instance, last year I hung gorgeous flower baskets from our front porch. This year, I plan to refill those same baskets with strawberry plants and violas instead. Additionally, I plan to fill large pots with edible flowers and food on our front porch, too. I figure if I’m going to be a slave to watering them during dry spells, then I might as well get some sustenance our of them (thank goodness for our rain barrel).

You can plant virtually anything in containers (raised beds are basically giant containers), so I’ve created this seed-starting chart to help anyone thinking about putting a few edibles in pots (or bags or jars) this year.  I didn’t include all the fruit and veggies you can grow, but it’ll get you started with the basics.

Happy planning!

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